Hydrogen Toyota Mirai arrives in the US in December

19-янв, 17;55 admin 11 083

Until recently, the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai was only sold in the home market in Japan, but since December 2020, this situation has begun to beckon. The fact is that the model has officially appeared on the US market, where it can be purchased for 58 thousand dollars.

In this case, the car will be presented in two possible trim levels - XLE and Limited. The second is distinguished by a more expensive interior trim and the presence of modern multimedia system options.

As for the infrastructure, namely charging stations that produce liquid hydrogen as fuel, they have already begun to appear in the United States. Therefore, users should clearly not have problems with the operation of a hydrogen Toyota.

Recall that the model runs on hydrogen fuel cells, which convert the chemical reaction of combining hydrogen and oxygen into electricity, which in turn powers the traction motors.

At the same time, the car has negative exhaust, due to deep filtration of atmospheric air, and a by-product of the operation of the power plant is ordinary water vapor without impurities. Thus, it is an absolutely environmentally friendly car along with any other electric car.