Compact electric car Toyota С + pod saw the light

19-янв, 16;30 admin 11 375

Toyota's small electric car, called the C + pod, was released as an experimental city car for local fleets. The company hopes to introduce a range of vehicles into taxi and grocery service providers to reduce pollution and help ease traffic on the capital's highways.

The model is a small car that is moved by two small electric motors installed on both axles. At the same time, the maximum speed of the car is only 60 km / h, which is enough even to move inside the city with interference.

As for the power reserve, it is 150 kilometers. In this case, the car can be charged at any high-voltage station within 10 minutes.

The car salon is as austere and simple as possible. But there is air conditioning, power windows and heated seats. Despite the niche nature of this project, Toyota engineers still took care of the comfort of the driver and passenger.

In general, the project looks quite interesting, however, it is clearly not worth expecting large-scale serial production of this model.