Toyota e-Palette coming soon to Japan

19-янв, 17;48 admin 11 148

Toyota is serious about using the power of electric vehicles to shake up the public transportation system in its native Japan, although in the future, the company's development could spread around the globe. We are talking about Toyota e-Palette, the company's shuttle, which is ready to run between cities for the comfortable transportation of passengers.

The shuttle is an advanced self-driving vehicle that is somewhat reminiscent of a small bus. However, inside, passengers will find comfortable seating and a cozy home environment. In addition, the vehicle even provides berths for particularly long trips.

The first line is expected to link Tokyo and Osaka, giving Toyota an invaluable experience in self-driving fleet management. It is reported that the company's engineers have successfully developed a shuttle automatic control system, which has already passed preliminary tests.

It can be noted that Toyota, along with the Swedish Volvo, are at the very edge of advanced technologies and are already designing the future in which we will find ourselves tomorrow!