New Toyota Camry for Europe has seen the light

19-янв, 16;44 admin 1354

The legendary Toyota Camry, which sells well in Europe, has received a long-awaited update. The sedan was introduced back in 1982, and has since gone through several generational changes and a number of restyling. Despite the age of the car on the assembly line, it is still in great demand among consumers, which is growing steadily at 1.5 percent annually.

As a result of updating the car, the design and interior have traditionally changed, as well as new engines were added, coupled with a revised gearbox and an updated braking system. The hybrid version stands out especially, represented by a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and a 98 kW electric motor, which in total give out a little more than 160 hp. power.

The car interior has become, as expected, more comfortable and pleasant. The new multimedia system supports more options and driving modes that are controlled directly from the device's screen. The adaptive climate control system has also been updated, making it even more comfortable to be in the cabin.

Sales of the restyled version of the Toyota Camry will start this spring, but you can pre-order the hot new product today. By the way, the price level has not changed much, and in the average configuration the car will cost only 23 thousand euros.