New hybrid Suzuki Swace released based on Toyota Corolla

19-янв, 18;15 admin 1126

The Suzuki company has always been famous for the original products of its enterprise, but if it comes to borrowing, the Japanese choose only high-quality models of their own compatriots. So, for example, happened with the Suzuki Swace, which is almost a complete copy of the Toyota Corolla.

The design of the car, as well as its technical equipment, almost completely coincides with the legendary creation of Toyota, with the exception of only a few details. Such a borrowing is dictated by the economic aspect, which allows Suzuki to significantly save on the development of a new model.

One can criticize this approach for a long time, but if copying is done with the approval of the manufacturer's company, and besides, a quite popular vehicle model is taken as a basis, then why not?

Be that as it may, the Suzuki Swace will be released in the series this year and will be sold in both the European and American markets. The cost of the car has not yet been disclosed, but you should expect roughly the same price range as the original Corolla.

We think there will be many Toyota fans who will want to purchase the legendary model even under a foreign brand.