Toyota Vios sedan received sports restyling

19-янв, 16;34 admin 11 160

The fine sedan Toyota Vios, presented mainly in the Asian market, has received a long-awaited sporting update. The car received a facelift, as well as slightly beautified the interior and added a couple of powerful engine options that will help to feel the drive on the track. First of all, this is an atmospheric one and a half liter engine with 107 hp.

Of course, the "sport" equipment is largely provided to buyers for show. No monstrous engines with a lot of horsepower and advanced racing technology are to be expected. Rather, this restyling is solely for the aesthetic pleasure of the new owners of Toyota Vios, and nothing more.

For visual pleasures, the body was lifted, as a result of which the car received a changed shape of the front end, new stylish optics, and also a very interesting radiator grille. In addition, they added good wheels with designer rims, which also give the car its own ambiance.

In general, the update turned out to be a passing one, but in some way it is indicative of the entire industry, which literally ossified in remakes, sports versions and other trifles.