Tuning studio Modellista presented the updated Mirai

19-янв, 16;43 admin 1387

The hydrogen fuel cell-powered Toyota Mirai has finally made its way to tuning enthusiasts. We are talking about the Modellista studio, which decided to pump this model and launch a nice modern sedan on the market, which will be available both in the US market and in Japan.

First of all, we worked on the appearance of the model, which became more refined and graceful. Of course, the main elements of the old body can be traced in it, but there are also quite a few completely new chips. For example, chic optics and a more sporty body kit.

In addition, the car has added power. No, the tuners did not begin to modify the hydrogen system, but installed more powerful electric motors on the model, as a result of which they managed to squeeze out 149 hp. or 335 N • m of torque, respectively.

In addition, the interior of the car was slightly improved, which became more comfortable and spacious. The tuners also pumped over the multimedia system, as a result of which additional functions can be launched directly from the touchscreen panel.

In general, the modification turned out to be very solid, and, we are sure, will appeal to many connoisseurs of high-quality cars from the Modellista studio.