Toyota engineers talked about the environmental friendliness of Mirai

19-янв, 17;50 admin 1999

The modern hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Toyota Mirai, represents the pinnacle of technology and environmental friendliness. Not only does the car operate on pure liquid hydrogen, which is converted into water vapor with the release of electricity, but it also cleans the air from the products of incomplete combustion emitted by neighboring cars.

It's all about an advanced filtering system for air that comes from the environment. It is so effective that it almost completely removes heavy metals and greenhouse gases from the air mixture. This surgical cleanliness is vital for a hydrogen plant, which requires pure oxygen for the chemical reaction to proceed.

Recall that the Toyota Mirai is one of the first production cars to run on hydrogen. With all its positive advantages, this technology is still quite crude and requires significant improvements in terms of reliable storage of liquid hydrogen and the efficiency of its processing.

In addition, the cost of one liter of hydrogen should be noted, which is about 8 euros. At the same time, the energy value of the indicated volume is equivalent to 4 liters of conventional 96 gasoline.