Black and white Toyota RAV4 Style prepares for release

19-янв, 18;02 admin 11 168

The famous compact crossover Toyota RAV4 received a slight restyling, during which the style of the car was changed, as well as the interior was slightly improved. The Style version, as the name suggests, mainly affects the appearance of the car, so there is no need to expect any special revelations in technical terms.

Meanwhile, what the Japanese have done with the design of their flagship crossover evokes only pleasant emotions. The clean lines of the body are painted in pure white, while the roof and body kit flaunt an ash black matte finish.

In addition, the interior was slightly modified, as a result of which it became a little more comfortable than usual. The shape of the seats has changed slightly, as well as the design of the dashboard, which has acquired strict outlines. All other elements remained unchanged, however, for a visual restyling of what has changed is quite enough.

The car will be released in March this year and will be available in a limited edition of 19 thousand units. You can buy a car from Toyota authorized dealers, as well as from the Mazda showroom network, which was also involved in selling the products of a partner enterprise!