Toyota Yaris will produce Mazda in Europe

19-янв, 16;40 admin 11 176

Mazda presented the Toyota Yaris at its last presentation, which is entering the European market with the light of the Japanese manufacturer. Why didn't Toyota personally contribute to the introduction of the compact crossover to the Western market?

It's all about the economic feasibility of this event. The fact is that Mazda has a developed dealer network in Europe and is actively promoting its models in the Old World market. The results of this event are very impressive, and sales of Mazda vehicles in Europe are constantly growing.

For this reason, Toyota has transferred the rights to its model to this manufacturer, which will deduct royalties on every vehicle sold that replaces the Mazda 2, a five-door hatchback with a hybrid powertrain.

There are no details about the design and modifications of the car yet, although the journalists of the Autocar edition contacted Mazda for details. However, we should expect a moderate restyling of the model and about the same price range, which was previously successfully occupied by the hybrid Mazda 2.