New Toyota Tundra pickup coming this year

19-янв, 18;17 admin 11 071

The demand for Toyota pickup trucks is incredibly high. They are bought all over the world, but they sell especially well in the USA, where there is a huge market for this class of cars. This year, a new version of the Toyota Tundra is released, which lovers of high-quality pickups from the Japanese manufacturer have been waiting for.

The updated car has a more powerful V8 engine that develops 421 hp. and works in tandem with both manual and automatic gearboxes. In addition, a hybrid power plant is expected, the characteristics of which are still unknown. With this move, Toyota strikes back at the hybrid Ford F-150.

In addition, the car body has become wider and more massive. The luggage compartment inside the cab has also expanded slightly. The trim of the seats and interior is now more expensive, even in the most basic configuration.

The car is planned to be delivered to the largest Toyota dealerships and dealer networks in the third quarter of this year. The cost of the model, according to preliminary estimates, will be about 45 thousand dollars.

Recall that Toyota is one of the largest suppliers of pickup trucks in the United States, and along with Ford owns 80 percent of the market.